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The Alphabet Mats work on instant letter recognition, the sounds of the letters, the application of sounds to letters for reading and spelling, and the sequence of the alphabet. The Alphabet Mats used with the free alphabet mat activities found on this website can help develop reading and spelling skills.

Instant letter recognition is one of the best predictors of reading success. Five to twenty minutes daily of Alphabet Activities are recommended to achieve instant letter recognition and the application of sounds to be done in large groups, small groups, in centers, or even at home.

Based on the past 20 years of investigation, the most consistent predictive variables for locating kindergarten children who may have trouble learning to read are those most directly related to reading itself: phonemic knowledge (letter/sound) and understanding of print concepts (Adams,1990; Juel, 1994).

For students at-risk for dyslexia, research from the National Reading Council and NICHD have shown direct instruction of the letters and their sounds followed by application for reading and spelling to be most beneficial. Research has shown the importance of students instantly recognizing the letters and then instantly being able to identify the sound associated with the letter.

The sign language alphabet is included on the capital letter mats to be used as a multisensory reinforcer to help students learn the names of the letters of the alphabet. Keywords are placed in boxes at the top of the lowercase mats to help students instantly identify sounds with the letters.

The plastic letters are used to help students first learn the names of the letters and their sequence and then later to use them in spelling words in the grids. The letters are in ziploc style plastic bags. The mats are laminated with 3-mil laminate so students can spell words in the grids using erasable markers.

The use of the mats and the activities has been found beneficial for any student needing to learn the English alphabet and the corresponding sounds, including English as Second Language learners.

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Front of the uppercase mat
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The Uppercase Alphabet Mat is usually introduced first and students name the letters and match the plastic letters with the letters on the arc. They review the names of the letters as they sign them. Activities such as Lettero (similar to Bingo) are played using the grid in the center of the mat. After the student can recognize and name the capital letters, the mat is turned to the back and the student sequences the letters on the arc without matching.

The Lowercase Alphabet Mat is introduced using the lowercase plastic letters. Students learn the sounds of each letter as they say the alliterative jingles: (examples)

Aa: Albert Alligator holds an apple. /a/
Bb: Brian bumblebee bats the blue ball. /b/
Cc: See Cameron Cat in a canoe and a catfish too.

They use the grids to do the spelling activities pulling tokens to the first row of boxes to represent the sounds in the word, letters to the second row to spell the sounds heard in the word, and then writing the letters in the third row of boxes.

The Alphabet Mats Activities are a way to make learning fun and to help students to be successful readers and spellers.

Alphabet mats and corresponding letters (capitals or lower case) are available for $7 per set (1 mat and 1 set of letters) in quantities of 24 or less. Orders of 25 or more mats and letters are $6.50 per set. The 11"x17" mats are laminated and the letters are in individual plastic bags.

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